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    Community members can enroll as an auditor in Bayan graduate courses at Chicago Theological Seminary courses at a reduced rate without being formally enrolled in a degree and certificate program. No academic credit is granted to auditors, and no transcript is provided by the school for audited courses. Audited courses cannot be transferred into a degree program at a later time. Thus, the option to audit a course is ideal for knowledge seekers who wish to benefit from the content of the courses. (Community members who wish to enroll for academic credit should not audit a course, but rather apply for formal admission to Bayan by the relevant deadline).

    Joining as an auditor enables access to the Canvas LMS (learning management system) where the course syllabus, readings, assignments and other resources are made available to enrolled students. It also enables joining scheduled in-person classes at the CTS campus in Chicago (for hybrid intensive courses) and online Zoom sessions for all courses (whether hybrid or fully online courses).

    Spring 2023

    Audit Enrollment Deadline - Wednesday, January 18, 2023

    Audit Fee: $300 Per Course

    Courses Available to Audit

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